(A Buddhist Vihara and Meditation Center established and supported by the devoted people of Karuna Buddhist Society in California)
​ Sakya Metta Buddhist Vihara

We are all the children of Buddha who are devoted to spread love and compassion and propagate the teaching of Buddha

  Karuna Buddhist Society

  our history
Our religious history goes back to the era of Sakya's where the king Śuddhodana was the most righteous ruler at the time. The Gautama Buddha, the son of king Śuddhodana was born to find the righteous way of living, and eliminate suffering. It is very remarkable that our Buddhist religious history is one of the oldest  one and is about 3,000 years old.  Till today we strive to follow His teaching the same way at the time Gautama Buddha was alive. We believe our religious history and code of conducts will continue in such a way that the Buddha taught us. 

It is very remarkable that back in the days, the Buddha's teaching was only limited to southeast Asia. However, His teaching is now one of the fastest growing religion  in western countries, although, He did not claim it a religion !

           our faith 
We are the advocate to spread

Dhamma -The Law of Nature, discovered by Gautama Buddha. 

We strongly believe through his noble teaching, we will be able to show the lights of others who has not experienced the immediate effect of its fruitiness. For this reasons our faith relies on teaching and passing the words of Buddha in the righteous way. We certainly hope whoever comes across to this wonderful teaching will benefit for the days to come. The Dhamma  which is pure at the beginning and at the end, has no limitation to realize its' immediate effect. However, such fruitiness is only possible when Dhamma is followed in with deep devotions. While we take Dhamma as our guidance, but our faith is not about  almighty GOD who will decides our faith and forgive our sins. Our faith relies in the universal law of Dhamma that shows the path to ultimate happiness

      What we Do ?

Our goal is focus on spreading Dhamma  to bring together all ages of people from different community who may lacks guidance to build a harmonious relationship and find peace in mind. We understand how important is it to teach young children about being  non-violent and building a moral character. Our children Dhamma classes are aim to guide children not only to learn about Buddhism of good livelihood but to teach themselves to  become a moral citizen as well. Everyday we are working hard to make sure that children are taught the righteous way of life while not focusing on religion.Our goal is to bring all ages of children to experience themselves in the reality of things such as suffering, old age and being a good person. 

Our work is not only limited to the local community, we also travel to help people in distress specially who are direct victims of government repression, negligence and discrimination. 

  Who we are ? 

We are a tiny Buddhist community believes in non-violence and loving-kindness. We strive to promote peace for a better society by providing spiritual guidance irrespective of individual's background. We are the follower of the universal law of Karma!-the actions. These includes verbal,physical and mental Karma that guide our belief system.We believe that we are very lucky to born as a human being since this open up the opportunity to gain more merits by doing good Karma for the the present and the future as well. The Buddha Himself acclaimed the human births (human realms) is very rare one, and one who born to this realms is due to the merits of good Karma in the past. Karma as we see, it is not only confined to a life cycle itself, but it also have great influence to our day-to-day life with immediate results for doing the good things to bad!