(A Buddhist Vihara and Meditation Center established and supported by the devoted people of Karuna Buddhist Society in California)
​ Sakya Metta Buddhist Vihara

We are all the children of Buddha who are devoted to spread love and compassion and propagate the teaching of Buddha

  Karuna Buddhist Society

Children in Dhamma School

The Dhamma School is one of the most integral parts of our society. It is an universal way of life that anybody can participate irrespective of their religious belief.  It is a vital part of KBS vision which is dedicated to teach children of non-violence and pass the noble teaching of Buddha in the right way. To mention here that the Dhamma, the Universal Law of Orders itself freely invites people to observe and experiment its doctrines. The Buddha himself claims that there are no time limitations to realize Dhamma. It is universal and perfectly expounded by open investigation and it can be seen now and then through direct application of one’s knowledge. It is a self-experimentation without any divine belief that leads to inwards and can be understood only by wise knowledge of oneself.
Currently our afternoon session is offering children the basic course of Buddhism which are especially designed to understand the concept of morality (Sila) and the important of Peace and Non-violence. The evening session covers the in-depth discussion of Dhamma praised by the Buddha himself and any doubt / questions are being answered by our expert guidance.