(A Buddhist Vihara and Meditation Center established and supported by the devoted people of Karuna Buddhist Society in California)
​ Sakya Metta Buddhist Vihara

We are all the children of Buddha who are devoted to spread love and compassion and propagate the teaching of Buddha

  Karuna Buddhist Society

Ven. Kitti Bhante

Ven. Kitti Bhante is the youngest spiritual leader in our KBS community. He has served various religious, social, cultural, educational services in India. He has traveled several countries for religious and social development purposes. He has been working with Ven. Bimal Bhante and Ven. Sadhana Nanda Bhante in northeast India for educational development and social awareness among underprivileged Buddhist and non-Buddhist communities in Northeast India.

Ven. Upagupta Bhante is the present abbot of KBS Buddhist church. He has started his spiritual life as a novice monk early in 1995. He has graduated from Peradeniya University, one of the renown universities in Sri Lanka in Buddhist Philosophy and mastered vast knowledge of Buddhist doctrines in Theravada Buddhism. He later achieved Master Degree from Hong Kong with specialized subjects in Buddhism . After his tour in Hong Kong, Ven. Bhikkhu has decided to extend his teaching in western world for the greater benefit of mankind.

   Venerable Upagupta Bhikkhu
    Acting Abbot for Spiritual Research and Development

       Venerable Bimal Tissa Mahathero

     Head of Spiritual Guidance

Ven. Bimal Bhante is a renounce Buddhist monk and a distinguished spiritual leader who has dedicated his entire life for the great cause of backward communities, specifically in the northeast India and the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. Ven. Bhikkhu, himself is a meditation teacher who has accomplished many rain re-treats and advance level mediation course in various parts of India and Nepal. His social work and spiritual guidance has been well recognized nationally and internationally for many decades. Ven. Bhikkhu currently lives in Bodhicariya Vihara in Kolkata, India and visits our KBS vihara once in a year.

Ven Bimal Bhante is the only Chakma personality that every Chakma person knows through his tireless social works, religious works and upliftment of backward Chakma community as well as other groups in India and CHT.
He is currently running several charitable projects and can be reached at bbhikkhu@yahoo.com