(A Buddhist Vihara and Meditation Center established and supported by the devoted people of Karuna Buddhist Society in California)
​ Sakya Metta Buddhist Vihara

We are all the children of Buddha who are devoted to spread love and compassion and propagate the teaching of Buddha

  Karuna Buddhist Society

Sakya Metta Buddhist Vihara is the only fully established Chakma Buddhist Temple in USA as well as western world! It's a noble project established and managed by Karuna Buddhist Society. This Buddhist society has been working tiredlessly to propagate Buddhism in America as well as to preserve the Chakma Buddhist cultural heritage. Chakma people who have been migrating to USA since approximately fifteen years ago. Our people began arriving in the United States through the Diversity Visa program. Karuna Buddhist Society was formed in order to support the practice of our traditions, both culturally and spiritually, and pass them on to our children. Since Buddhism is an integral part of our culture, it was necessary for us to establish a temple, a.k.a. "Sakya Metta Buddhist Temple" (hereinafter "KBS Temple" or "Temple") offering services and programs to teach and practice our faith. And as our members of different generations speak the Chakma, Bengali, Hindi and English languages, we must offer services and teachings in these languages so as to help our people grow in their faith.

KBS is highly honored to have such a great teacher like Venerable Upagupta Chakma who is the acting abbot of the temple.By his hard work and his enthusiastic efforts, Karuna Buddhist Society published several journals and few devotional books for young and adult generation which are being used by Buddhist families everyday for chanting prayers. KBS has published "BUDDHIST DEVOTIONAL RECITAL" in 2013 which was compiled by Ven Upagupta Chakma and designed by Mr. Ashish Chakma which is now an essential Buddhist handbook for every day's life. And also it has published several journals. newsletters, calenders, cards, handbooks for the benefits of Buddhist community to lead their life in a spiritual way for a peaceful life. Please follow the Book link to find out more Buddhist and Chakma books.